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Wrestling On The Hard Road - 11
February 8, 2018
What Happens When You Get Taken Down?

I can remember when I got taken down in life and believe me it has happened a lot. Just like in a match it will happen even to the best of them, and what is important is- What do you do next? Do you put your head down and give up or do you rally and score your own points?

Learning at a very early age about coming back from hardships and being introduced to the sport of Wrestling at six years old I learned some very important lessons.


  • On our Grid Kids Football team we had "tryouts" before the game. There were so many kids that if the coach didn't put you in the top 15 you got to go home. After running a kick off back for a touchdown, the coach told me I was afraid of contact- I thought the ideas was to score! Being left home from a Grid Kids football game and having to explain to my father why I was walking home instead of going to the game was one of the first ones.
  • Having a bike accident on the way to little league tryouts loosing multiple teeth a stay in the hospital and not being able to play that year.
  • Being told I was too small to play football because I only weighed 95 pounds as an 8th grader. Had to convince my mom to sign the permission form because the school required you to be 115 pounds.
  • Loosing a challenge match for a varsity spot to one of my friends and dealing with the disappointment of that experience.

    Pretty small things right?

    How about these?

  • Loosing my Mom to Leukemia when I was 12 years old.
  • Living with an alcoholic father, devastated because he had lost his wife,
  • Driving my Dad's car and was struck on an icy road by another car. 120 stitches, multiple hour surgery, nine days in the hospital.
  • Being told by your sophomore English teacher that you would never amount to anything.
  • Loosing my first child at birth, full term and having the Doctor bring him down for you to see.
  • Loosing my first wife to Lupus.
  • Being left by my second wife and raising my son and daughter by myself with no family here to help, while teaching and coaching.
  • Loosing a home to an electrical fire, finding out that you were 60,000 dollars under-insured.
  • Spending years in a custody battle to do the right things for my children, spending thousands of dollars in legal fees while teaching and coaching and caring for my children.
  • Coming back from owing 60 thousand dollars from a home burning, while making 20,000 for teaching and coaching three sports while raising your children.

    These are a few of them, believe me there are many more. Escapes and Reversals

  • Graduating from high school even under adverse conditions.
  • Earning the Title-United States Marine.
  • Graduating from Eastern Washington University with High Honors.
  • Recovering from the Fire and Debt to buy my own home.
  • Raising my two children and giving them the opportunity to follow their dreams.
  • Successfully teaching and coaching for forty years.
  • Being Inducted into the Washington Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame.
  • Being the father of two wonderful children, a college soccer coach and an elementary school teacher.

    These are a few of the takedowns and the recovery with escapes and reversals. I will in this book use these to illustrate Leadership Principles that will assist the development of quality teams and individuals.

  • Robert K. Bodnar
  • Wrestling On The Hard Road

    Jul 14, 07:25
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