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Wrestling On The Hard Road - 2
March 10, 2018
Match #2
Round 1

In my sophomore year of high school I had sophomore English. Another battle ensued that would change my life.

After being given an assignment to do a project on Silas Marner I followed directions and completed the assignment on time. When I received my follow up from Miss P.L. I was told that my project was incomplete.

So in response to that assessment I followed up with the instructor with the question "What do I need to do to finish it?" I was told that if I didn't know the answer to that I wasn't very intelligent,

Round 2

So I went back and I asked my Aunt what she thought. She gave me her ideas and I completely reworked the project. I turned the project in again and it came back to me with "INC." Again. I spoke to my father, told him what was going on and to my surprise he called the school for me. After a showing of no support form the principal my Dad made a trip to the school and had a meeting with those involved. My dad was told by Miss P.L. that there was "no hope for me." My father came home so upset that he called my Aunt and told her of the result.

I was now a Junior and still had not completed sophomore English. So I took it upon myself to rework the project. Instead of a literal project I completed a ten page report on the book and turned it in. You are probably thinking that this might accomplish the task. !Wrong! I received another "INC."

My Aunt now totally concerned about my path to a diploma made a trip to the school and spoke to my English teacher. She was again told that I would never amount to anything, and my work was incomplete.

Round 3

My senior year and still no completion of sophomore English. I tried once again to redo the original project. The results were the same. My Aunt and My Father made one last attempt to go to the school on my behalf. The result was negative. They called the superintendent with no success. I know what your are thinking. How in the world could this be, but it was! So on graduation night I was given a Certificate of Attendance instead of a diploma. Devastated and embarrassed in front of my friends and family.


A week after graduation I enrolled in another school district and signed up for the course telling them what the problem was and about my project on Silas Marner. I attended the class for three days when I was asked to stay by my instructor to talk to him. He had a question for me. What in the world are you doing in this class? At first I didn't know how to respond and then just decided to give him a short version of my experience in sophomore English.

When I returned to class the next morning I was greeted by my Instructor and was asked for a copy of my project. I brought it in the next day. By the end of the day I was contacted by my instructor and told that there was no reason for me to attend any further classed , that I knew more about the subject than he did and that he had contacted the superintendent from my school district. He said that the Superintendent wanted an appointment with my Father. That meeting happened the next day with my Father returning with my Diploma.

Match Synopsis: A devastating three years and another continuing battle on the Hard Road. The good thing, I didn't quit and I became determined to prove the teacher wrong about never amounting to anything. I proceeded to enlist in the United States Marine Corp for a four year term. I then traveled to Washington State to attend school at Eastern Washington University, where I earned my degree with Magna Cum Laude. What I didn't know was that every quarter when I made the Honor Roll an article would appear in the local newspaper about my accomplishments. Thanks to my Aunt Betty, sometimes including a photo.

Follow along on Wrestling On The Hard Road and follow my career and see what you think about Miss P.L. Statement.

R.K. Bodnar Wrestling On The Hard Road

Posted by: Robert Bodnar, Jun 24, 15:43

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"First published: 02/19/09 12:05 am The News Tribune (http://www.thenewstribune.com/)"

A friend sent me this article I just received it to...

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