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A Fierce Conversation With Coach Bodnar-7
March 10, 2018
Grappling For Excellence

I try to bring this article back every couple of months to remind myself and others just where the rubber meets the road.

I think this is the third time I have brought this article up and I just read it agaim myself. I need to do that as lately I have had some challenges and I want to make sure I take my own advice. I also thought that some readers out there may not have had the opportunity to read it prior to this posting. I do think that this article has some merit for everyone,including myself that is why I continue to publish it. I hope you enjoy it.

It seems that just about every day you can find something negative or encounter an adversity and how you handle those things tells a lot about your character.

I don't know about you but personally I seem to run into an endless stream of challenges that I could get negative about. I believe that I have experienced enough in life now to not fall into that trap....at least very often.

Hope you enjoy the article and maybe give a few minutes in thought to some of the thoughts and examples that I bring up.

Pasco High School Wrestling News- October 1/19/2007

Pasco High School Wrestling Team
"grappling for excellence"

Coach Bodnar

"Wrestling With Life Experiences!"

Hard Knocks University is an equal opportunity educator. Rubber Meets The Road Academy is not predjudicial. They will both instruct you, even if you do not want to be taught.

  • I know from facts in my own life; if you don't get something done, it won't be done for you!
  • I know that most people really do want to succeed, but somehow can't follow through when the rubber meets the road.
  • I know that in this world if you have a handful of friends you can trust you are extremely blessed.
  • I know that if you have a person that you can count on when they say , "yes I will" you are very fortunate.
  • I know that immediate gratification has been inculcated into our culture in every area of our lives.
    We want it now!
    I am sorry, You don't get anything of lasting value right now.
  • I know that responsibility and accountability are not universally popular themes.
  • I know about the 80/20 principle!
    Yes, twenty percent of the people do the work and eighty percent are out there coasting and going through the motions.
  • I know that nothing is free.
  • I know that I MUST keep my word.
  • I know if I say yes I must mean it.
  • I know that I must get my job done, and I must get it done well, even if it means longer hours and that I have to do it alone.
  • I know what I know because I have gone through it, I have experienced the hard knocks.
  • I know that we are not immune to bad events and circumstances in our lives.
  • I know that when these things occur, you have two choices.
    1. Deal With It and Fix What You Can.
    Move On to better things.
    Know that you have the personal power to make changes and fix it.
    Know that setbacks are setups for comebacks.
    2. Become a victim,be powerless and blame it on everyone else.
  • I know that quitting is a popular option in this day and age.
    Lay down and be a loser
    Watch T.V. and play Nintendo

    Summer Time and the Living is Easy!

  • I think that is a song, as well it should be.
  • Anytime you get something EASY it probably will not be very lasting!
  • I know that it is easy if you are not going anywhere or achieving anything.
  • I know that someone is out there , running, lifting weights, training, going to camps , getting better , putting distance between you and him.
  • I know that after 63 years of living.
  • I know that after raising my own family.
  • I know that after surviving really bad things.
  • I know that after 58 years of being an athlete and a coach.
  • I know that after 38 years of teaching and coaching young people.
  • I know that after 6 years in the United States Marine Corps.
  • I know that after coaching over 104 sports seasons in Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, and Gymnastics.
    I know that not everyone wishes ME well, or YOU for that matter!

    You can use your own intelligence and personal power to figure it out.

  • Be second! (Second sucks if you will pardon my vernacular)
  • Almost make the team.
  • Almost go to state.
  • Almost be a champion.
  • Almost Graduate.
  • Almost go to college.
  • Almost graduate from college.
  • Almost be a good citizen.
  • Almost be a good parent.
  • Almost be a good brother or sister.

    I watched the movie "Seabiscuit" yesterday! A quote in the movie made me think.
    "I think it would be better to break a man's legs than to break his heart!
    You will break your own heart if you dont take action to get better.
    You will come up disappointed in yourself when you compete this coming season!

    "Tough is not enough"
    Physical attributes are just not enough to make you successful.
    You have to work every area of your body, mind, and spirit.
    Will you depend on luck or someone else giving you a break; or worse, learn to expect it.
    I know that what you put in you most certainly get out!

    Are you being tortured with the truth in this article or do you even care?
    I know that NO one succeeds in anything with out caring, without passion for what they are doing.
    I know that you have to want it, You have to smell it, You have to live and breathe it.
    Grappling For Excellence, my well known mantra denotes the daily struggle to achieve and my personal need to improve.
    Paul Dietzel said: "There are no office hours for champions!"

    Will You Tell Me You Don't Have Time ?
    I will tell you there are 24 hours in a day. We all have the same.
    It is just a matter of what we do with those 24 hours.
    Can you get an hour of mat time in between your family, work, and other leisure pursuits.
    If you tell me NO, I will tell you that the passion is not there!
    I would rather have you say "Coach I just don't want to do it,or Coach I have other things that are more important to me, or Coach I just want to wrestle in the season, or Coach driving around in my car is more important to me. Okay! I will see you in November not prepared for success!
    I would rather hear the truth. I can't want it for you. I can't want it for my assistant coaches. There are choices to be made and you are making them every day you do not lift weights or get on the mat or learn about the sport.

    I will no longer beg athletes to turn up for practices which I am setting up or clinics or barbecues. They are not for me , they are for you! There are time costs for everyone not just athletes. There are financial issues for everyone , not just athletes. There are sacrifices for everyone not just athletes.

    If you want it you must be willing to trade your time and effort for success, it won't just drop in your lap. It does not matter whether we are talking about being a successful student , athlete, family member, employee,or just a great human being. You have to pay the price, anything else is just a pipe dream or magical thinking.

    I know what I know because I have lived it.
    I am excited to see and hear what you know. particularly during the season. Please don't come up with tears in your eyes or ask me "what happened "if you are not willing to make the committment.
    You have little invested so you can expect little reward.
    If you choose to spend your time in other things you will be good in other things, success is very specific.

    I will not appologize for this FIERCE conversation, we might as well start with the naked truth. We are going to arrive at the moment of truth anyway arent we?
    Please send your comments to: coachbodnar@gmail.com
    Coach Bodnar

    Posted by: Robert Bodnar, Jul 04, 12:55

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